NVC Beyond Borders presents
by Robert Maoz Kržišnik
A five days retreat:
>> Embody the spirit of connection

From February 1st to 6th, 2022 @ l'Espace Rivoire,
1 hour from Lyon or Geneva, in France.
To move from a sometimes mechanical practice of NVC, which can create more distance than connection in our relationships, to an embodied NVC.
Embody the spirit of connection
Robert Maoz Kržišnik
Robert Maoz Kržišnik sees the essence of Nonviolent Communication in manifesting the spirit of true connection: with the flow of life through us, and with the heart of the other. And while he believes we all got attracted to NVC precisely because of longing for heart-to-heart connection, the practice of NVC only too often becomes some mechanical activity that not only fails to bridge the abyss between us and others, but even deepens it.
So NVC may not be just about how to solve the many puzzles of our relationships, but actually a choice about how do we want to be showing up in this experience of human life, how do we want to move and how to meet others. A choice to acknowledge the interconnectedness of it all, a choice to open up to the evolutionary flow of Life, a choice to extend beyond the known self, a choice to embrace it all.
In this retreat we will be exploring key aspects of the spirit of connection; the self-connection with our deepest authenticity, the fully honest and compassionate connection with others, or even letting go and let ourselves fall into the flow of Life...
  • How our empathic receiving can move from a mechanical activity into the magical following of the unfoldment of Life in another human being?
  • How can we establish a truly authentic and compassionate dialogue with another that will have an evolutionary effect on both?
  • How to stay connected with life in us, even in challenging situations?
  • How to transform the ongoing fight with life into a mysterious dance?
  • What has been influencing choices we made and keep making in our lives?
  • How can we deal with unpleasant experiences in our lives, and embrace them?
  • What keeps us from shining in our full authenticity and deepest integrity?
  • How to find incredible strength of full authenticity within the space of sheer nakedness and vulnerability?
  • How can we connect with the flow of Life in us, and perhaps even surrender to it?
Workshop in English and French
February 1 to 6, 2022

Robert M.K.
Robert M. Kržišnik : Slovenia/Portugal
Robert M. Kržišnik is passionate about conflict mediation as well as its spiritual and embodied dimensions.
He worked as a psychotherapist during 12 years and has been facilitating workshops for more than 34 years, ranging from spiritual retreats to company trainings, in more than 30 countries.

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